• Community Construction Manager - CB JENI and Normandy Homes

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    • This position is a primary front-line management position within the construction operation. This position requires a minimum of 6 year experience. This position is the foundation of your construction management team. As a rule, 80% or more of your Community Construction Managers (CCM) should perform successfully within this category. This position will typically have responsibility over one neighborhood. They may be responsible for the development and management of a CCM Trainee within their neighborhood.


    • Advanced technical skills required. (Must pass periodic written tests.)
      1. Must have appropriate knowledge of all local and national codes
      2. Must have appropriate structural knowledge
      3. Must have appropriate application knowledge
      4. Must have appropriate estimating skills
      5. Must be able to completely understand the construction documents
        • Scopes of work
        • Blueprints
        • Contracts
        • Insurance requirements
    • Requires minimal supervision from the Area Construction Manager (ACM)
    • Ongoing training from ACM required (management and technical).
    • Has direct construction management responsibility for a representative number of homes deemed appropriate for this position. (suggested minimum capacity is 10-15 homes.)
      1. Walks all homes two times a day to verify complete and correct installation as well as to schedule future activities.
      2. Verifies correct delivery of materials
      3. Has primary responsibility for any homes being managed by an assigned CCM Trainee.
      4. Responsible for job site organization and appearance.
    • Has direct scheduling responsibility
      1. Must provide proper lead-time when notifying trade contractors.
      2. Must keep all company scheduling tools and reports current.
      3. Must maintain consistent activity on all homes during the entire construction cycle time.
      4. Must complete a minimum number of homes on time. (“number of homes” and “on time” determined by company management team)
      5. Must demonstrate effective management of time utilizing a portable time management tool.
      6. Produces an accurate weekly schedule
    • Has direct responsibility for delivering and error free home
      1. Conducts all in-line quality inspections and completes items needing rework prior to progressing to next stage of construction.
      2. Identifies and documents all recurring rework items and follows up to ensure elimination for future homes
      3. Completes all items in need of adjustment (documented on the orientation) prior to the customer closing, within a prescribed time period.
    • Consistent management quality inspection scores of 90% or better
    • Complies with defect prevention; i.e, tub covers, barricades, etc. Final orientation 100% complete and signed off (No side list allowed).
    • Direct responsibility for interacting with a customer in order to satisfy their needs.
      1. Conducts all formal “points of contact” with the customer (i.e., orientations).
      2. Responds to all customer inquiries during the construction process appropriately as well as timely.
      3. Has primary responsibility for any customers being managed by an assigned CCM Trainee.
    • Has direct warranty responsibility for all homes under warranty within the neighborhood (if applicable).
      1. Must respond to customer within required company time frame.
      2. Must make a correct determination as to the warranty of any item and effectively communicate the same to the customer.
      3. Must effectively manage any difficult situation that may occur with a customer with minimal interaction from the construction manager
      4. Must provide adequate lead-time to both customer and trade contractor for work to be performed.
      5. Must be present upon initial contact between customer and trade contractor.
      6. Must obtain signature from customer for satisfactory completion (in person).
      7. Has primary responsibility for any warranty requests being managed by an assigned CCM Trainee.
    • Has direct responsibility for correct execution of the division payment approval process.
      1. All invoices approved for payment only after field verification that all work was completed correctly
      2. All variances correctly documented and researched for elimination in future.
      3. Has primary responsibility for any invoices being processed by an assigned CCM Trainee.
    • Maintains a proper and effective working relationship with all county and municipal inspectors
      1. Walks all homes being inspected with inspectors.
      2. Has primary responsibility for any inspections scheduled by an assigned CCM Trainee.
    • Maintains a proper and effective working relationships with all trade contractors and vendors.
    • Maintains a proper and effective working relationship with all employees of company.
    • Is involved in recruiting, hiring and the orientation of new employees, trade contractors and vendors.
    • Will assist ACM in training of CCM Trainee. Exhibits effective human relation skills.
    • Can show empathy
    • Can communicate effectively
    • Can resolve conflict correctly and quickly
    • Provides appropriate leadership
    • Is effective at identifying and capturing cost reductions
    • Maintains and effective means of verifying shortages and overages and their correction
    • Meets weekly with neighborhood Community Sales Manager (CSM) to review construction status, contract status, neighborhood issues, review Model Park and neighborhood for presentation, weekly contacts with customers, and document items needing correction.
    • Maintains all files in proper order
    • Completes all paperwork correctly and on time.
      1. Properly completes purchase orders, orientation documents, schedules, etc.
    • Maintains construction office in proper order and appearance. Dresses appropriately for the job.
    • Follows and ensures proper safety procedures on the job site.
      1. Conducts monthly safety meetings in the neighborhood
      2. Maintains safety station in the neighborhood.
      3. Performs periodic inspections and documents results
      4. Enforces OSHA requirements
    • Maintains proper hours necessary to complete assigned work.
    • Must know and understand “ scope of work” for each contractor
    • Must know and understand “specifications” for their neighborhood
    • Handles disputes, questions, conflicts in the neighborhood to satisfactory resolution
    • Must be able to estimate and budget non-standard options.
    • Other duties as assigned


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